Where Beer Comes From :

Beer is created through what was originally a natural process
and has now become a more scientific process. Beer making has
been practiced for thousands of years.

The process begins by obtaining the main ingredients:

First the Barley is malted, this is the process of allowing the barley grains
to germinate.

Germination is then stopped by drying the barley.

The malted barley is then crushed and added to hot water. This process begins to
bring out the natural sugars.

This mixture is then boiled with hops which are used to add bitterness to the Beer.
This new mixture is referred to as wort.

The wort is cooled and then has yeast added to it. Here fermentation begins and the
sugars are changed into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The mixture is then stored, usually cold and filtered.

The end result is packaged into bottles, cans, or kegs and is now Beer.

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